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No. Although you may choose a coach based on location, it’s likely you’ll want to  choose based on your need. All coaches work over the phone or with Skype or Facetime. It’s actually more convenient for most parents to meet with a coach while they are at home at a time that works best for their family dynamic. Sometimes Dad or Mom might be at work so we can do three way conference calls. Technology is wonderful in this way.

This is the big question isn’t it. We’ve seen this program work in so many cases so we have a lot of confidence in its breadth and depth of solutions. It does take a lot of work on your part. So, choose eight weeks that you can commit to working with your child to maximize your ability to use the tools.

There are two parts of this question. One has to do with the time you have with your child. If you believe you have a large enough window to work on patterns of change then yes, you will benefit greatly. The second question has to do with the other parent’s cooperation in this program. It’s always best if two parents are working together but the reality is often challenging. Kids learn to relate in any given situation, so what you do can have a major impact on your child even if things are very different in the other home.

This might be because the two parents don’t live in the same house, or it might be that parents have different ideas and personalities that come out in their parenting. When two parents use this program they can take their differences and create a single vision and plan. Dads always do it differently than Moms. But having the same target can make the most of differing approaches.

Most children are resistant to change in general. They develop self-protective patterns that make learning new ones challenging. The program uses a variety of tools to break down that resistance and provide kids with a vision to build life skills they’ll use now and forever. In some cases, we help you script the changes and we walk you through various types of resistance to bring about change.

First, realize that heart change isn’t like baking cookies. Every child is unique and requires a specialized recipe for change. We’ll help you develop that recipe using the same ingredients God uses to bring about change in his children. Secondly, this isn’t a quick fix. It will take significant work to bring about major changes. Just be prepared for the work so that you can maximize the change.

Definitely. We use 4 books as the foundation for this program. You can find them here: biblicalparenting.org/training  The coach training is for parents who need help taking the principles and tools and developing specific strategies for your child. It’s helpful to have the wisdom of a trained coach and the accountability to stay on task.

Your eight weeks don’t start when you pay for the program. They start when you and your coach agree to begin. You’ll get access to the videos and be able to download the materials for the program right away. But your start date takes place with your Week 1 meeting with your coach.

Your next step is either to schedule a phone call, or go ahead and sign up and pay to work with a coach. That coach will call you for an introductory discussion to make sure it’s a good fit before moving forward. Talk to your spouse, pray about a good time to start, and then take the next step to getting practical help for your family.

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