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Yes. The training takes place online in two portals. One is the content portal where you have access to new videos and downloads each week. The second portal is the interactive portal where you will share the work you’re doing with your client and receive input from Dr. Turansky and other coaches.

You might find a client in your church or through your circle of influence. You can work with someone in person or on the phone. You can work with just one parent but if both parents are in the home, it’s best to work with both. If you can’t find a parent, Dr. Turansky has several volunteers who are wishing they could work with a coach in training.

We usually say 5-10 hours a week. Usually 2-3 hours of reading and reporting on the reading assignment. 2 or so hours of meeting with your client and then reporting about that meeting in the online portal. And then, 2-3 hours a week in the portal, interacting with fellow coaches about their clients so that you can gain a broad base of experience.

The program has flexibility in the weekly schedule. You can certainly work from a vacation to access the portal, do the reading and maybe even talk with your client over the phone. However, it’s also possible to be away for a week and catch up when you get back. The big concern is your client. Momentum is created in this program and taking a break can mean regression.

Besides the meeting you set with your client, there are no scheduled meetings. Each weekend Dr. Turansky will post new information for you to consider and comment on. You are expected to comment on the reading and also comment on the other comments people make to create a dialog learning environment. Some choose to go on every day several times a day. Others go on once a day and prefer the mornings or evenings to fit into their schedules. Others go on a few times a week but there is no schedule dictating your time.

Definitely. And we hope you will. People who pay get well faster. You can set your own rate and raise or lower it at will.

Yes. We regularly have coaches in training from all over the world. Africa, Asia, Europe, Australia and parts of North America. Coaches who watch people work from other cultures get to see God’s grace in action cross-culturally. That’s always a privilege. We would love to see you use this program in your cultural context wherever you live in the world. Even in the US there are many cultures and types of families. The principles you’ll learn can be used by all kinds of parents.

Your clients will pay you directly. In the case that you are listed on our website, all of the coaching fee paid goes to you minus 3% for the credit card processing fee. In addition, each client is required to pay $50. This money goes to the National Center for Biblical Parenting and gives parents access to the Parent Portal.

Your next step is to sign up for the next training. You can go here to sign up. If you have other questions you can email Dr. Turansky at [email protected]. You can also ask him for a phone call to further address your questions.

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