A Brief History

As a professor at Concordia University, Dr. Scott Turansky developed a strategic approach that helps bring about major changes in children. This eight week program guides parents with biblical, practical tools that target the heart of a child.

Dr. Turansky founded the National Center for Biblical Parenting with Joanne Miller, RN, BSN and they continue to teach live seminars in churches and conferences around the country. Learn more about Scott Turansky here.

Using the model of God’s work with us as His children, we tap into His grace to see miracles take place.

Our Approach

Every child is unique and different. That’s why the recipe for change must be individualized. Furthermore, all parents have their own skills and personalities that require sensitivity when applying truths in practical ways.

But every child has a heart, a place where tendencies produce reactions both good and bad. This eight week intensive program works for several reasons:

  • It’s biblical, practical, and focuses on the heart.
  • The home provides relevant opportunities for significant practice.
  • The wisdom of a coach gives parents new insight.

Over the eight weeks momentum moves children from compliance to cooperation and then to contribution. It addresses emotions, internal struggles, and acknowledges a child’s strengths while correcting challenges.

Special Needs

A heart-based approach works very well with children who have challenges such as ADHD, ODD, or other biological issues. It also brings major changes in children who have experienced significant traumas in life resulting in PTSD, RAD, or self-defeating patterns.

Because the program targets the heart, it addresses self-concept, identity, and other internal root causes. Jesus taught us to look deeper, past actions, to a person’s heart.

This program isn’t a magic formula. It takes work. It focuses on where a child needs to grow and uses both corrective and training techniques. It’s amazing how fast children change when parents work where God works: in the central processing unit of a person, the heart.

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